Iron Lion Ramona Of Roman Legions


Iron Lion Queen Of Roman Legions passed ZTP under ADRK judge Dr. Peter Friedrich 14/04/2017

45.ADRK Klubsieger 2015

Iron Lion Queen Of Roman Legions


 (30 entries in Class)

I.F.R World Show 2015

Iron Lion Queen Of Roman Legions


(23 entries in class)

Adult Females

Aphrodiate Winner Show 2011,- B.P.O.B

-3rd  BPIS,  

III M.A.R.K. Moson-Kupa (Hungary) - V1, Best Foreighn Female

II MACEDONIAN Sieger (Fyrom) - V1

I MOVARA Sieger (Serbia) - V1

EURO DOG SHOW 2012 (Romania) - V1

II VOJVODINA Sieger 2012 (Serbia) - V2

VDH-Europasieger 2013, (Germany) - V4

LG Westfalen, Dortmund, (Germany) - V3 


Cyprus Sieger 2014 - V1, CAC, Cyprus Siegerin 2014

VDH Bundessieger 2014 (Germany) - V3

European Dog Show 2014 -V1

Daria Of Roman Legions

(Santo Flash Rouse x Layia Iron Lion)

HD-free, ED-free

Cyprus Sieger 2014  - VP1 Best Puppy In Show

Austria Klubsieger - V2

Denmark Klubsieger - V1, 2nd Best Female

Scandinavian Klubsieger - V1, Scandinavian Jugend Siegerin

VDH Europasieger (Germany) - V3

Sudpfalzschau/ ADRK &VDH (Germany) - V1


45. ADRK Klubsieger 2015 - V2

Kraqujevac Sieger 2017 - V1, Second Best Female

Iron Lion Queen

of Roman Legions

(Tyson Iron Lion x Daria of Roman Legions)

HD-free, ED-BL / JLPP free / DNA

Iron Lion Ramona

of Roman Legions

(Ursus Iron Lion x Daria of Roman Legions)

HD-B, ED-1

ARKS KS 2017- V3

I.F.R 2016 - V7

NDS Kraqujevac 2016 - V

Haifa Iron Lion

( Rastko of  Roman Legions x Elsa Iron Lion)

KRAQUJEVAC Sieger 2017 - Vp-2

AUTUMN DOG SHOW 2017 -  Vp-1, B.P.O.B, 2nd B.P.I.S

CHRISTMAS DOG SHOW 2017 - 2xVp-1, 2xB.P.O.B, 2x 2nd B.P.I.S

Willma Iron Lion

(Paco Black Allusion x Lujika Iron Lion)


HD-free, ED +/-

Junior Champion of Cyprus

Junior Champion of Taiwan

Junior Champion of San Marino

 Junior Champion of Azerbaijan

 Junior Champion of Georgia

Club Sieger Serbia 2014 - V5 (26 entr.)

I.F.R. 2014 - V7 (42 class)

30. Jubilaumsshau (Germany) - V1


Nerry Iron Lion

(Gil von House Milsped x Daria hause Kaligula)

HD-free, BH, Mental Test

2 x Best Of Breed, 7 x Best Female, 4 x B.J.O.B

1 x Res Best Junior In Show, 3rd Best Junior In Show. 9 x C.A.C

Cyprus Junior Champion

Aphrodite Junior Winner 2010

Cyprus Show Champion

Candidate for Grand Champion of Cyprus

ARKS KS Serbia - V4 (ADRK Edgar Hellmann)

6. DOMSCAHU, Germany -V2 Res.-Anw.Dt.VDH 

Layia Iron Lion

(Gil Von house Milsped x Tina von Junipera)

HD-free, ED +/-, BH, IPO I

Grand  Champion of Cyprus

SUDPFALZSCHAU 2009 Germany -  V

1 x Best Female, 8 x CAC, 2 x B.P.O.B

1 x 3rd Best Puppy In Show

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